About this Blog

Unruly is an intersectional blog created and operated by members of the Jews of Color and Sephardi/Mizrahi (JOCSM) Caucus organized in partnership with Jewish Voice for Peace. Our focus is on racial justice issues in the United States, Palestine, Israel, and beyond. We feature news items, political analysis, essays, poetry, art, and video work that highlights the way oppressed people resist their dispossession.

We pay special attention the issues affecting Palestinians and JOCSM communities, because we see a direct link between these struggles. We seek to confront our role in US and Israeli settler-colonialism, as well as the way our histories have been buried and cut off from each other as a form of divide and conquer rule. We offer this platform as a space for building community and co-resistance.

The name Unruly is a play on the historical treatment of JOCSM as a “savage,” unpredictable, and unmanageable force in Israeli and white-dominated Jewish society. This was exemplified in Golda Meir’s notorious words after hearing the demands of the Israeli Black Panthers: “They’re not nice!”

This stigma is not unique to our struggle, and is an experience we share with many other oppressed people. Unruly is about rejecting the logics of control wielded against people of color around the world, and providing a space where we can connect our struggles.


Unruly Editorial Board

Co-Editor, Politics – Rebecca Pierce

Co-Editor, Arts – Danny Bryck



Rivers of Grief/Tents of Kinship

By Aurora Levins Morales Artwork By Ricardo Levins Morales By all the rivers of our many exiles, we have sat down and wept, as we remembered the lands of our ancestors, the lands that were stolen from us, the places we were stolen and driven from. We wept as we...

Support the Rimonim New Liturgy Project

Please support Rimonim, a collectively funded poet-in-residence project that supports Puerto Rican Jewish writer and activist Aurora Levins Morales as she writes new Jewish liturgy for our times. www.indiegogo.com/projects/rimonim-liturgy-project

Interview: Jafar Farah on Palestinian Citizens of Israel, Police Brutality, and Intercommunal Solidarity

Police brutality and mass incarceration are forms of institutionalized state violence and control that disproportionately impact communities of color across political boundaries and imposed borders. The following is part of a series exploring the way that marginalized...

The Hamsa Flag (Second Edition)

by Tom Haviv I first published the Hamsa Flag essay in the inaugural issue of PROTOCOLS in the summer of 2017. Almost two years later, the need for this project, and projects like it, feels even more pressing. On a daily basis, we see our ancestral and cultural...