“To live a lifetime of audacity, dwelling in the place where joy meets justice, year after year, can only be sustained by being so in love with a vision of what’s possible that we no longer flirt with despair.”

Aurora Levins Morales

The IndieGoGo campaign for Rimonim is live and we need your help!

Rimonim is a collectively funded poet-in-residence project that supports Unruly contributor / JOCSM Caucus co-founder Aurora Levins Morales as she writes new Jewish liturgy. 
Aurora is a writer, artist, historian, teacher and mentor, an activist, healer, and revolutionary. The Rimonim New Liturgy Project is an invaluable opportunity to be a part of a project that holds Jews of Color and Indigenous Jews at its heart and draws on the rich variety of global, diasporic Jewish cultures.  

Rimonim will respond to the perils and opportunities of our times with texts that call us to be courageous, accountable and full of hope. It will contribute to building radical Jewish culture, grounded in the best of our traditions and crafting new language that supports us in creating a deeper and more vibrant justice within our Jewish mishpucha (family), and in alliance with our non-Jewish siblings around the world.
Working in partnership with synagogues and other Jewish groups across the country, Aurora will create ritual texts that can rise to the challenges of our times: “spiritual technologies” that offer us the tools we need to stay connected and joyful while we defend indigenous people and lands, root out racism, dismantle the multifaceted oppressions of gender and sexuality, demolish the structures of inequality and greed, expand access into a fierce and universal inclusion, and defend our biosphere against ecological collapse. 
These are difficult tasks, and we need communal practices that give us the strength, healing and aliveness we require to take them on. Rimonim is part of a global movement to create those practices, a toolkit for healing ourselves, each other and our world.  
This project will result most concretely in a collaboratively imagined book, but also in a web of new and deepened relationships, as together we chant new words to ancient melodies, that we and our children’s children may live.

How you can help:

  • Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rimonim-liturgy-project to find more information and to support the Rimonim New Liturgy Project on indiegogo.
  • Please share the campaign, ideally with a personal note from you, as widely as you can! If you’re able, share it again each week of the campaign! There are 34 days left as of this writing!
  • Ask your synagogue, organization, household, havurah or other group to become a partner in Rimonim and take part in shaping new liturgy. Email rimonimliturgy@gmail.com for more information.
  • Become a “booster” and help amplify the campaign via email and on social media on designated days! Email rimonimliturgy@gmail.com for next steps.